Wandering Thoughts about God?

God listens. He hears every single bit of our heart cries. He cares. He is real.

I had been looking for my ID card. I presumed to have forgotten it in my office, but on getting to my office the following day, the card was not there. It’s nothing serious jooh. I thought.

Yet days went by and my card was still missing. I was getting worried by the day. I couldn’t go to places because I had no access. The more I sat to think of where the card could have gotten lost, the harder it was for me. That evening when I got back home, I searched again. Yet nothing. I fell asleep worrying about the my missing card.

‘Omoby, you have not yet asked me to help you,’ I heard that silent voice yet so strong in my heart. ‘No, never mind,’ I refuted. ‘I would see the card. It doesn’t have wings to fly away anyway. I would be fine. Don’t worry Lord. I would be alright.’

The following days saw me still looking for this card frantically. I asked friends. I checked my room again. I checked my kitchen and sitting room. I opened the microwave, checked inside the bin, checked the path I took prior to the missing card and after. A friend said he last saw it on my neck. Did it drop? Was it pulled off my neck? I called the security at my residence. They also called the security at other residences to ask if anyone saw the card and brought to them. I had checked my office and its kitchen and asked the cleaners. I got to my department to ask the secretary. She told me to check with the security and the information desk. I went back to my room and checked again. This time, I turned my room upside down, checked the toilet, bathroom, wardrobe and raised up the sitting room cushions…yet nothing.


‘Omoby, I am here. Whenever you need me to help, I would be willing.’ Oooook Lord, I give up!’ I said reluctantly realizing I had reached my wit’s end. Where else was I going to check that I hadn’t checked? ‘I am sorry I tried to shove your help aside. Please forgive me. Although I had the money to get another card, knowing that the card was laying somewhere just hurts. There and then, I prayed. I spoke to God. I called forth my card, after-all universal laws bow to the name of Jesus isn’t it?

Just about to get ready to go to the office, I rose up from my bed. I opened my wardrobe, brought out my towel and heard something cracky fall as I pulled my towel. Lo and behold, my card fell! I screamed! Wasn’t it this same wardrobe I checked turning everything upside down? Even with a friend?

God does listen. He does hear. He is not deaf to our cries. He knows when we hurt and are struggling to get things done. It doesn’t matter that whatever I was looking for appeared insignificant, He still proved Himself and He located my card for me. I am grateful.

I don’t know about you, but this is another prove to me that God is real.


2 thoughts on “Wandering Thoughts about God?

  1. Grace Abel says:

    Waoh! What a brilliant masterpiece by a skillful writer, eloquent with letters. You’r an insipiritional writer.
    I think ur writing skills can earn u awards some day. I actually enjoyed ur story ” the three different guys” cos I see similarities in my own experience&the lessons’r true.
    Thumps up!


    • Omoby says:

      Thank you so much sis.

      I am really glad you enjoyed that story. Which if the three men did you love? Most People wished Bimbo opened up…and I do feel the same way too.


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