Rocks and Stones…

I remember when I used to be ashamed of my failures. In Part 1 in Uni, a friend asked me of my CGPA, I couldn’t tell the truth so I told him I did well. She was happy with me and told me that she didn’t expect anything less from me anyway. Another senior friend saw my result and bodly declared that nothing good was going to come out of me, further reinforcing my fears and shame. But today, I remember him and just laugh at his statement. Hahahah.😂

When I took my first attempt at my professional examinations and failed, a colleague asked me why I was attending the tutorial classes again. I told him I had few resits and I have to take the modules again. Observing the expression on his face, I think he was shocked because he didn’t think I’d be so bold and blunt to say such. Days later he asked me, “Omoby, how were you so bold to declare that you had failed?, I wouldn’t have been able to say such.”

I realized that I had grown and become better. Omoby in the past would shield her failures from people but here she is declaring to people that she did fail and she’s going to try again.

A senior colleague she saw me in class and asked me same, “Omoby, I know you’re intelligent, what happened?” I paused, then spoke, “Well ma, I did my best, but I think my best wasn’t good enough to have earned me a pass”. She gave me a warm hug.

This brings me to tell you that whatever you’ve failed in isn’t the end of the world. Failure is dissapointing and extremely painful but it isn’t the end of your world…if you’d try again and try again and try again and try again. Cry all you can, but get up knowing that you’d still give it another shot.

Remember, there’s absolutely no shame in your failures.

Remember, failing is not the opposite of succeeding, it’s actually part of success.



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