Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time,
We were all like little snooker balls,
Playing around, striking eachother yet clustering back together.
We thought all life was about, was just with us.
We didn’t think life to be iniquitous, complicated and unfair.
We didn’t even know what life meant.

Gradually, life took us on different routes,
Pursuing dissimilar things,
Driving us to singular destinations.
Vehemently making us to say our sad goodbyes.
Few of us tried to bridge the big gap.
Oh! We tried. We fought date and night,
But we realized that too much time has gone away.
Several stuff have been learnt,
Several ideologies and concepts have been formed.
We were nolonger boys and girls of naivety,
But grown men and women with strong philosophies.
Things could just never be the same again.
Water has found its source,
And the friendship so beautiful and young that we shared,
Now filled with thorns and weeds,
With really deep roots.

We’ve found out that it’s easier to make new friends,
On the beliefs that has now formed us,
On the routes we now ply,
On the journey we now embark,
On the path we have found love on,
On the philosophies we now hold so strongly,
Than reconnect to the ones we grew up with.
Because we are nolonger convinced
That the innocence we shared would not have been eroded.
Although some remain,
Only a few of them do, and in places that holds our heart so dear.

But if I could turn the hands of time,
I’d wish that the friendship I had many years, remains so till date.
I would wish that the naivety we shared remains ever fresh.
I would wish that life revolves only around us.
Unfortunately, Manytimes, life doesn’t listen to the desires of our heart.

I write this poem for “YOU!” whose heart burns with the pain of losing your old friend(s).
I dedicate this poem to all my old friends I had at some point in my life, whom life has taken on different routes.



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