…beware of manipulators!

I want to sound a note of warning to ladies. Especially young ladies who are often not in control of their emotions.

Please be careful of men who try to play on your intelligence and emotions without defining what it is they want with you. Be clear. Do not give any man the licence to use you to soothe or mastubate his emotions with you. Ask questions. You’ve the right to ask questions and dictate what you want with any man who’s acting all friendly without any clear intentions. Do not assume you’re in a relationship with bro when he thinks you’re just one of those he could play around with.

A reasonable man should be clear on what he wants with you…and he’ll give you the right to reject or accept his offer. However, some good men don’t ask. Perhaps they’re shy, I wouldn’t know. But immediately you notice a man being unnecessary friendly, please ask questions. Don’t entertain any relationship / friendship without clear boundaries.

Are we dating? Are we in a relationship? Are we just sex partners? Are we in an open relationship? What are we doing? Ask. There’s no crime in asking. You’ll be saving yourself a lot.

Similarly, always remember that even when a man asks for your hand in Marriage or a relationship, you’re under no obligation to give a positive response. You! decide if or when the relationship starts. You’re that important. You’ve got to know that, without your consent, nothing starts. That’s how much important you are.

And thank you to those who contributed to the discourse yesterday. I learnt something new. I learnt that we, single ladies are doomed. Hahahah.😂 Life is not easy on single ladies o. But I am committed to enjoying this phrase until my status changes.

~ Omoby, 2016


One thought on “…beware of manipulators!

  1. nemyinspired says:

    Some men have perfected the art of manipulation. They use the carrot and stick approach on their innocent victims. Their manipulative means work on people who are attracted or in love with them. Once a guy starts to tell you he sees you as his good friend, he is praying for you, your husband will be lucky etc. Use your tongue to count your teeth, he won’t marry you!


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