What do you do when Konji visits…???

Hi guys! I know its been a while. I trust we are all keeping well regardless of the economy. So today, I want to talk about something that society an culture teaches us to keep mute about. We don’t like to talk about our sexual feelings. Many in the bid to feel holy suppress theirs.

For me, and over the few years after I turned 26, I must confess that Konji has dealt with me more in this years than younger. In the past, I never used to be bothered about all those sexual feelings. Infact, I used to think I was stiff and was glad I was. But, at this age, I lie. The feelings have visited me and even slept over nights severally.

A friend recently asked me how I have been able to manage its arrival in the few years. I shared a few points with her which I would state here, but much more, I’d like us to rub minds and discuss.

How do you manage the situation? What practical steps do you take? What do you do when Kongi visits you?

What I do sometimes is to have a cold shower. If you know me, I don’t like, neither do I take second baths. My early morning bath is just fine. But here’s something I have to compulsory do to ease off the feeling.

Secondly, I ensure my thoughts are right and pure. I purposely don’t watch any erotic movie or read any of such posts on Facebook or anywhere else…nor listen to anything of such. And as much as I like reading all them sex posts to learn, during this time, I quietly walk away from them.

When all this fails…and sometimes, without even trying the first two methods, I just talk to God. I ask Him to help me. He’s given me the sexual desires and understands what I am going through. At all times, God comes through for me, I just find the feelings gradually oozing out. Either by a change in my thoughts, or something suddenly crops up; somebody calls me to do something, I suddenly remember a deadline, mr. sleep just pays me an unexpected visit, it’s a message notification to counsel a person, a call or an instruction from my folks at home. Whatever it is, something always works.

I have found out from experience that calling upon God is always the safest and the surest bet. God always comes through for me. All the time. I mean this. And each time He comes through, it’s different from the previous, thus I have stopped bothering my pretty head with the how’s. I remember when I had to frustratedly call upon God,
the Holy spirit gently told me to go use the toilet. When I did, it was all like magic. The feelings disappeared. Just like that.

So, how do you manage your situation? What practical steps do you take? You could be helping somebody struggling with same or wondering if the feelings are normal. If you don’t want to post directly, you could send me an anonymous message.

I would want to hear from you. If you do want to say something but choose to remain anonymous, kindly send me a mail to omobyadex@yahoo.com. I would be glad and honored to hear and read from you.

Stay pure, stay good! Omoby cares.


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