Do ALL Men Cheat? What say you?

Sometimes, this cliché “all men cheat” really gets on my nerves. Other times, its doesn’t because it not referring to the men I have in my own life anyway…

But, it’s not right to state as a fact that all men cheat because you know or have the ones who cheat.

I have no problem if all the men you’ve met, dated, had contacts with, worked with, laughed with, did business with, and you’re related to cheat, but can I request that you don’t choke your own reality with another’s truth?! Biko, don’t use your reggae to spoil another’s blues.

Secondly, let’s give men some credit! Some men would actually never cheat. No. They wouldn’t…they just wouldn’t and it has nothing to really do with religion or race or colour. Its same way some women would never cheat. Let’s hold men to a higher standard. I think men want to be trusted. Reinforcing that as a norm that is sickening to some men. Ha! I’d get really offended if I were a man o!





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