RELOCATING…an option you wanna consider???…PLEASE HELP RETWEET ON TWITTER! Yes

Hello guys!! How have you all been? Hope everyone is doing great and we are getting on with our relocation plans just fine? Thank you for all the positive feedback on my relocation post. If you are just seeing this post and you have not see that yet, I think you should head over there and do so. Trust me, you will love it! Check it here to read it.

Oh dear! I’m super excited. I’m happy that the relocation post has got many people taking actions for their lives and children.

When I started the relocation post on my blog, I didn’t really expect that it would go as much length as it did. I just wanted to have something to give to people when they ask me how I relocated because I couldn’t be responding to every single question on relocation. It gets overwhelming and the time difference between here doesn’t make it easy.

I started, stopped and on and off I went. When I thought I was done, I sent it to my friend, Denike and she said it was really good, but I could include pictures so as to rest people eyes. She also suggested I divide the post into parts. I decided to tell a story with the pictures and that’s why each picture came with a caption which you would enjoy as you read my post.

But what’s most amazing for me is that the post is doing many of my very patriotic friends strong thing. This is really amazing. I didn’t make the post to manipulate anyone or berate anyone for their choice of staying and this is why I kept emphasizing in the post that I’m aware that not everyone can leave Nigeria, unfortunately. If you do decided to stay, please this is fine. The post is for those who choose to relocate.

Here is the sweet jist.

So a friend tells me that her hubby who is so patriotic in the things of the Nigeria saw the post and read it. He follows me here and he likes me so the post got him interested.

Prior to this time, she said she had been talking to him about getting second options but nothing was working. She said they had not read too far in the post when her hubby declared. “Babe! We’re getting our passports done!”


…the way I smile when my “patriotic” Nigerian friends become unpatriotic as a result of my “how to relocate out of Nigeria” post. The post is doing many people strong thing faaaa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

She said they’ve gone for capturing and waiting for collection. She’s happy that atleast this is the first step to a dream come true and of course it is.

Another friend whom hubby and I talked to about relocating kept saying they only desire to just visit. On reading my post, oh boy! They’re having second thoughts about their earlier position. It really starts like that. My prayer is that many more people would read the post and have second thoughts.

Now for me, this are few of the amazing testimonies I have received from the post. I’m glad it is doing people strong thing and Nigerians are opening their eyes to the reality on ground.

I’ve been receiving tons of questions in my inbox and mail. If I haven’t answered yours, please hold on a bit.

I’ve posted the relocation link on Twitter. Please if you’re on Twitter, 👇 is the link.

Please kindly help me RETWEET this post and SHARE so that others can RETWEET too. This is the only favor I need from you.🙏

My handle is @adexomoby.…

Thank you very much and may God make all your dreams come true.

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If you have any questions or comments for me, please drop me a comment here or use the contact form here. I would be happy to read from you.

Thank you guys and wishing you success and favor as you make your big plan.


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